Both the Kisumu and the Nakuru training centers intends to continue and extend their operations. It expects to recruit a minimum of 180 potential trainees within the year. And have a grand graduation that will see about 150 trainees celebrate their graduation.

In the income generation programs, we have already seen a major drop of guests turn over. This has been attributed to the following factor:

  • The perceived insecurity that has been associated with the Alshabaab terrorists and the bombings that have been occurring at the Kenyan capital and the coastal towns.

Way forward

Ujima foundation has been in operation since 2005, through its intervention, a total of almost 1000 trainees have got long term gainful employment and more then 3.000 children are now living within a family setup with at least access to basic health care, shelter and education. Ujima Foundation wishes to continue this noble course of providing access to employment to orphaned youngsters who has responsibility of taking care of their siblings.

The financial situation of Ujima Foundation has been affected through the low performance of the income generating programs. The war in Somalia and the resultant Alshabaab bombings in Kenya has prompted western countries to give travel advisories against Kenya. This has affected tourism, Ujima Foundation needs to fundraise further to be able to mitigate the same.