Kisumu TD

The training center in Kisumu opened its doors in the year 2009. Having an intake twice the size of the Nakuru program, it has developed unique ways of ensuring the relevance of the trainees within the flooded job market. The success of the trainees has been pegged to the below pointers:

  • Trainees have on the greater part employed successfully, conflict resolution mechanisms, when confronted by sexual harassment at the establishments, and /or general apathy even open hostility by certain staff members while on industrial attachment so as to remain competitive the job market.
  • There is more interaction now with the outside world and other organizations meaning we are slowly but surely getting away from our cocoons. This is evidenced by the fact that we now allow group mentorship programme, employers and other stake holders are allowed to share and give motivational talks to the trainees as well as conduct trainings.
  • Trainees have benefited from refresher courses organized by the Kenya Utalii College which is a big stride.