The Nakuru TD

Nakuru town has been mentioned as the fasted growing city in Africa this phenomenon has attracted both benefits and challenges for Ujima training department in Nakuru. The expansion of businesses and the mushrooming of hospitality business has offered Ujima good networking platform as well as job placements for our trainees.

Most notably is one of the fastest growing supermarket chains in Kenya the Tuskies, which has partnered with ujima and currently has 10 trainees under permanent employment. One of Ujima trainees has been recently promoted as a restaurant supervisor in Nairobi. We are currently engaging the other supermarket chains through the Tusky’s endorsement to accept our trainees as well.

Nakuru program has also partnered with the government through the constituency development fund (CDF) which pledged to support two trainees from the Subukia constituency. The CDF is a fund from the central government to all the constituencies in Kenya for the purpose of development in all sectors of the economy.