The Dutch government implements a fiscal policy that encourages the donation of funds to causes that advance the Common Good. Apart from granting tax advantages fo Ujima, ANBI status also favors our sponsors, who have made a donation may be able to deduct the amount from taxable income.

Part of the ANBI status is that Dutch law requires all NGO's to publish about it's structure and results. Please find all required information below and on our contact page.



Ujima believes that all children should grow up in a familial environment.



Ujima trains, guides and mediates 180 orphaned youngsters with familial responsibilities to be able to get a job and keep that job in order to sustain themselves and the children in their care every year, in order for them to be participating members of society.


Founding Principles

  1. Ujima assists its target group to become economically and socially self-reliant and participating members of society.
  2. Ujima, through its income generating programmes, endeavors to become self-sustaining, and therefore donor independent.
  3. The target groups are seen as people with potential and not victims of circumstances.
  4. The programmes and projects are needs-based and the organization shall only request for funding based on the needs of the target group.
  5. Ujima will remain focused on its mandate and shall not deviate from its mission, except for the generation of income through commercial activities to sustain the mandated not-for-profit activities.
  6. Ujima is politically, ethnically and religiously neutral, which means that all are welcome and shall not be discriminated against.
  7. Ujima endeavors to remain professional, which means that policies and standards are adhered to.


The policy plan

  Kindly view our strategic plan.


The board composition of Ujima Foundation

Chair person: Esther Kodhek
Treasurer: Wilfred Owuor
Member: Dutch board (Jet Herrera-Lambo and Steven Nijdam)


The director of Ujima Foundation

Charles J. Odhiambo


The remuneration policy of Ujima Foundation

The board members are not  paid any salary or allowances.


Report of the activities 

  Kindly view our 2021 annual report

  Kindly view our 2019 annual report

  Kindly view our 2018 annual report

  Kindly view our 2017 annual report

  Kindly view our 2016 annual report


Financial reports

  Kindly view our 2017 audited financial report

  Kindly view our 2016 audited financial report

  Kindly view our 2015 audited financial report

  Kindly view our 2014 audited financial report